Easy, direct, personal 

Enhance and renew the digital side of your customer relationship with petsXL. Enable direct communication and flexibly manage the health of your customer’s animals using our practice management software. Your customer relationships have never felt this close before.

Assign preferred appointments online

Offer your customers easy, clever appointment planning.  petsXL automatically assigns appointments at the most opportune times so that they always line up with your office hours and availability. It also sends confirmations and reminders–no phone calls required.

Securely share your treatment data

Connect your customers to petsXL’s digital health manager and load your examination results, X-rays, laboratory findings, or ultrasound images directly into your patients’ treatment files.

Digitise your finances for good

It’s easy to send digital invoices, payment reminders and account statements, and your customers can pay via smartphone. petsXL notifies you about successful payments and automatically updates your customer files.

Ensure correct use of medication

Give your customers the ability to document medications directly on petsXL; you’ll be helping them meet documentation obligations while ensuring proper, secure use of the medications you prescribe.

Your network for animal health and communication

petsXL.com is a dedicated digital animal health platform that will revolutionise the way you communicate with your customers, exchange data with them, and care for their animals’ health. petsXL has you covered for everything from appointment management to communication and finances. Its modern payment system was envisioned to streamline the way you handle reminders, drug safety and treatment records. Animal health is always our main focus and your greatest asset. Together with diverse animal health experts, we are doing our utmost to safely and dependably connect you with your customers. vetsXL.com has made that happen across the animal health industry for decades with its guaranteed easy, secure, reliable communication system.
Share our vision and join our network. Welcome!

What a beautiful digital world

Imagine working in a world where digitised operations are automatic. A world in which you need do nothing to suddenly have more time for yourself, your team, your customers, and even more importantly, for your patients. This is the world petsXL is offering you. Online appointment management takes several hours off of the time taken up by registration. Organising your finances online completely automates your cash flows. Modern communication tools centralise your communication in a single system. Your health management system makes it simpler and faster than ever to share exam findings, preventive measures and knowledge with your customers. This is how petsXL gives you back valuable time that you can then dedicate to the people and animals that are close to your heart. What a beautiful idea. Thanks to petsXL, your ideas and your customers ideas are in sync.

This is what your customers want.*

Many customers want to use electronic patient records.*

Your customers want offers online.*

This is where your customers inquire about health-related topics.*

This is what you can offer to your customers.

And this is what you will save.

*Sources: the Bitkom press conference, eHealth presentation, ‘Digital Health’, 8 May 2019,  and the Bitkom 2017 Consumer Survey on telemedicine, ‘Gesundheit 4.0’ presentation (‘Health 4.0’), 27 March 2017

petsXL is perfectly integrated with easyVet so you can start using easyVet immediately once you register on petsXL.


Schedule appointments online

Simply define your office hours, availability and appointment categories (reasons for visits) in your appointment management software and approve them wholly or partially for petsXL. Your customers are ready to choose their appointments! With integrated  practice management software, your appointment calendar fills up by itself – in real time. And it’s a clever system, too: petsXL always aims to book you with the last veterinarian in our team who attended your animal. You will receive a message for every appointment made, rescheduled or cancelled with all the details, including customer contact options. Nothing goes missing. It works the other way around too: if you have to reschedule or cancel an appointment, your customer will be informed via push notification or email.

Manage your appointments in real time with fully automated bidirectional systems
Ensure optimal use of your office hours, teams and resources

Invoices and payments

With just one click, your customers receive invoices, payment reminders, overdue notices and account statements. petsXL informs your customers of any financial documents so that they can immediately pay their outstanding invoices online via computer or smartphone (if you have activated this petsXL feature). petsXL automatically informs you of payment transactions, and successful payments can be downloaded at any time using your practice management software.

It’s easy to send invoices, overdue notices and account statements
Enjoy significant time savings by fully automating financial transactions

Digital medical records

First things first: you decide which data you want to share with your customers. Your customers will never have independent access to your data. All data from your practice management software is always encrypted before it’s transmitted to petsXL. The rest is very simple: choose which data you want to load into your customers’ petsXL file : services, products, medicines, reports, laboratory findings, examination findings, pictures and videos and of course, DICOM images like X-rays, ultrasound images and even CT and MRI scans are all supported. The petsXL health management system displays all pictures, video and DICOM formats with their original image quality. As soon as you have sent your data, your customers receive a message or email notifying them that they can view it directly on petsXL.

Secure encrypted transmission of all medical data
Comprehensive electronic records containing all medical data

Store medication documents electronically

You can share medication documentation with your customers directly at any time, whether you’re sharing logbook records of medicines prescribed and used, prescriptions issued, directions for use, stock registers, vaccination records, or certificates. petsXL will inform your customers as soon as they receive immediate access to new original documents that you’ve shared with them. Your instructions are automatically processed by petsXL and displayed on the health management system with clear instructions to help ensure that your patients use the prescriptions correctly. By offering customers such as farmers the option to send documents electronically, you are helping them fulfil documentation obligations. If you choose to implement mayBase in your practice management software, your customers will automatically have access to all mayBase usage information as published by manufacturers.

All medication documentation is sent quickly
Optimal support helps you make the most of the platform

How to start with petsXL

We designed the perfect starter package for the petsXL launch with you in mind. The trendy box filled with flyers and petsXL stuffed toys will be a real show-stopper at your clinic and it will help you to inform your newly-registered clients about petsXL and download the app. Our networkers will be happy to send you the welcome package.

You must subscribe to start using petsXL. The easiest way to start is through your practice management software. That’s where you can configure all the features you want to offer your customers, what your customer’s standard settings will be and who among your team is authorised to change or customise settings. Once you have the settings the way you like them, you are ready to go:

simply click on the petsXL invitation link in your practice management software (it is integrated with your customers’ profiles). When they click on the link, your customers receive a welcome email from petsXL with a second link that allows them to accept your invitation as they simultaneously accept our terms of use and privacy policy. They will also be able to configure their passwords and activate their customer and animal data. There’s nothing else to it! 

We are committed to data security

vetsXL has been your trusted telemedicine platform for over 20 years. Hosted at our private data centre in Isernhagen (Germany), our IT infrastructure and servers continuously provide you with optimal protection. All data exchanges are encrypted, and we never disclose data to third parties, which means they have no access to anything you store with us. Our infrastructure and security promise are also at the core of petsXL, which offers you the same security and protection. Direct access to your petsXL practice management software is impossible; vetsXL stands in the way, acting as a protective double shield. All your data stays in your hands and you are the only one who decides which data you send to your animal owners. We take care of the security. Thank you for placing your trust in us!

Your benefits at a glance

Less time spent scheduling appointments, registering patients and processing accounting.

Reduced printing, postage, communication and personnel costs.

Reduced administrative workloads for employees.

Optimal planning and use of office hours, teams and equipment.

Increased customer satisfaction, closer relationships with customers and higher customer retention rates.

Regular and predictable revenue streams thanks to efficient reminder systems.

Open interfaces that can be integrated into your existing practice management software.

Easier data exchanges between veterinary clinics and customers with increased security.

Data protection in accordance with the European Union  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data storage in Europe at our own data centre in Germany.

Experience petsXL from your customers’ perspective.