Appointment scheduling that works like magic

Simply access your practice website, any time

Spend less time on the phone - Be more relaxed at work

You can start off your week with serene Mondays. You and your team won't be making endless calls anymore because your appointment calendar is filling up automatically – it’s that simple. You won’t be ushering your customers into a waiting room or a long line and testing their patience. At best, your phone will only ring for emergencies. And no more waiting at the reception desk. You can enjoy the day's first cup of coffee with a smile on your face.

Never use a pen to enter data again

As soon as the customer has scheduled the appointment, you receive all the information along with the appointment notification. You can update weight data, phone numbers and e-mail addresses directly on easyVET and easily create new profiles for your customers and all their animals. No paper, no notes; click, click, done. 

Use the time you're saving to be with your patients, chat with customers, or have a cup of coffee with your favorite colleague. And you can still be reached “barrier-free.” The platform fits everyone’s needs, including the hearing impaired and international customers who find it difficult to schedule appointments on the phone. Let’s call it deluxe customer service.

Here's how it works:

1. Open easyVET and download the button via vetsXL

2.  Integrate the graphic into your practice website

3. Watch your appointment slots fill up online

4. Lie back and enjoy your free time

Accessible around the clock on your practice website

From now on, your appointments are made online. Customers can schedule at any time, even while you are enjoying your after-work chill session or on vacation. Your appointment calendar keeps working for you on its own. And the ball never gets dropped because your customers receive automatic confirmations and reminders for each appointment they have scheduled. No more “Oops, I forgot.” That means you can organize your team for optimum performance, any time, all the time.

Be reachable 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. 

Your registration with easyVET: you've never breathed this easy!

From now on, you're paper-free and all digital. Writing everything down is history. Say goodbye to clipboards, piles of paper, and written notes. As soon as the appointment has been scheduled on petsXL, all data automatically appears in your new data manager. All the data you need for your practice. All the data the customer entered when they made their appointment online.

When the customer arrives at your practice, you simply access the data manager. Everything else almost seems to run on its own... almost, because the data manager is also a firewall that prevents undue access to this digital “file box.” And you get to decide what to do with new data: create a new customer profile, update an existing profile, or ignore. You have complete control. The manager is perfectly integrated and simple to use. Welcome in digitalization. Welcome to top-notch customer management. Enjoy the time you save by doing everything except administrative tasks.

No more entering data by hand!

All data is stored directly on your easyVET. More precisely, in your data manager. And you can choose which data you want to transfer to your "file box:" e-mail addresses, phone numbers, weight or other animal data. Is this a first visit? Create a new profile for your customer and their animal with one click. It's up to you!

Next, please!

That’s it? Already? Yes, hard to believe, but it's true! Now you can place Mr. Smith and Fido in the waiting room or your case system with one click. Voilà. That’s it. Patient care management has never been so easy or fast! 

As secure as ever!

Your safety, your data, and your trust are precious to us. That’s why we host our own data center on-site in Isernhagen (Germany). Our IT infrastructure and server are fully protected at all times. Data exchange is encrypted and third parties cannot access the data you have saved. Our name stands for security. 

Fast. Faster. easyVET.

You are as fast as a cheetah on land, a peregrine falcon through the air, or a dolphin in water! Registration is easy and low-pressure, whenever works for you. Before there were lines, paperwork and long telephone calls. Now you have free time. Use yours to greet tomorrow, "Hello, future! Hello, data manager!"