Image management of the future

High performance PACS • Universal VIEWER • LIVE endoscopy • 64-bit 2D/3D WORKSTATION • OP planning • iOS/Android APP • VCS Cloud

Software for veterinary image management

Medical imaging is a key component of veterinary examination. Image and video documentation, digital X-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy and cross-section procedures such as CT and MRI have become indispensable elements of everyday practice. So it is only right that your expectations about appropriate image management software are high. In easyIMAGE, you have found the right software solution. It is powerful, extraordinarily versatile and easy to use. And it was developed exclusively for vets with the help of a specialist team of subject experts.

The concept behind easyIMAGE is simple: easyIMAGE is designed to be the ideal image record for all of an animal’s images, videos and image sequences. The software solution also includes an intelligent client and animal management system, optimal integration with all medical imaging devices as well as comprehensive functions related to image viewing and image analysis. In addition, it is available on all platforms regardless of the manufacturer, meets all key medical standards, and can be used for communications with clients and colleagues – all in a single software solution. The concept is as simple as its name: easyIMAGE. For over 15 years, it has been a successful pioneer for veterinary image management, and is used in over 3,000 practices, clinics and universities around the world.

Switch to the image management platform of the future with easyIMAGE Professional, our PACS for all veterinary practices, or with easyIMAGE Enterprise, our high-performance PACS for specialists, clinics and universities. Use our universal viewer for your daily work with images, videos, X-ray images and ultrasound sequences. Work with our high-end SD/HD/FullHD video stations to display your endoscopic examinations. Analyse your CT and MRI image sequences with our 64-bit 2D/3D workstation, and plan your surgical operations with our surgery planning tools whenever and wherever you like, whether that’s in the practice or in the cloud. easyIMAGE can be purchased or rented as a stand-alone version, combined with your practice management software or integrated perfectly into easyVET.


The most important highlight in easyIMAGE is – everything! Every image, every video, and every image sequence. Every camera, every digital X-ray system and every ultrasound device. Every endoscope and every video signal. Every computer tomography machine, every magnetic resonance imaging machine and every scintigraphy machine. Every annotation, every measurement and every surgical template. Every projection, every reconstruction and every rendering. Every platform, every standard and every computer, tablet and smartphone. And every user, client and colleague who works with easyIMAGE. Because everything we develop is for them – and for you. Easy as ever.

One software solution for everything

Manage clients and patients; drag-and-drop images into the image record; capture video footage during arthroscopic surgery; create DICOM analysis requests in the treatment room; document microscope examinations in the laboratory; analyse and send X-ray images for a pre-purchase examination on the go; measure a dog’s echocardiograms; film an extended trot-up with a windows tablet; reconstruct, render and visualise CT image sequences; plan a TPLO on the monitor; send images to clients and colleagues: you can do everything with a single software solution – easyIMAGE.

One software solution for every image, video, image sequence and DICOM file
One software solution for every camera, endoscope, and DICOM modality
One software solution for every user

Electronic image record

easyIMAGE was developed exclusively for veterinary medicine, which means that it is the ideal solution for clients and animals. Animal-specific data such as the name, species, breed, date of birth, sex, weight, and identification are recorded once and then stored according to a uniform standard (DICOM WG-25). At the same time, an image record is compiled. This record can be accessed from anywhere, and can be used to store all X-ray images, ultrasound images, endoscopy and CT/MRI image sequences along with all of the other images and videos that you use to document your treatments and examinations. You can also send client and animal data straight to the imaging device with just one click so that you never have to redundantly re-enter information.

Developed by specialists exclusively for veterinary medicine
Ideal for clients and animals (DICOM WG-25)
Perfectly compatible with all devices (DICOM worklist/store)

A multimedia jack of all trades

easyIMAGE is much more than just a viewer. easyIMAGE can display any image or video data simultaneously and with full versatility – so alongside a live arthroscopy, you can view the associated X-ray images, your surgery plan, or the CT reconstruction. easyIMAGE can keep track of everything you do – so you can go back to any previous view or setting at any time. easyIMAGE can store any view or examination layout as a snapshot – so you and your colleagues can call up important images, views, video- and 3D-positions again at any time, in exactly the same way. easyIMAGE can also function in split-screen mode – so you can enter your findings into our examination forms directly into the images. And easyIMAGE can find everything – so you don’t have to carry out complicated searches each time you want to locate all knee images or elbow arthroscopies.

Powerful universal viewer for any image data
Smart snapshot tool for capturing key stills
Split-screen function for simultaneous observation and analysis

Live endoscopy

Simply connect your endoscopy system using easyIMAGE and experience live image display, video recording and editing in unrivalled quality. easyIMAGE displays video signals from any video source live in the patient’s image record. The software solution can process analogue S-VHS standard signals as well as digital FullHD premium signals. You can display up to four signals simultaneously on up to four monitors. You can take advantage of the live endoscopy features in the treatment room, in the operating theatre, anywhere within your network, or online via video screening. And everything can be displayed in outstanding quality and edited later in an integrated editing studio.

Live video feed of any video signal and video source
Videos can be recorded in SD, HD and FullHD quality
Integrated video editing studio for any format

64-bit for CT and MRI

We have integrated extraordinarily powerful 64-bit image processing capabilities with multithreading technology into easyIMAGE for your CT and MRI image sequences. This allows you to process image sequences of any size with an almost limitless image volume. Everything takes place in real time and without delays: multi-plane reconstruction (orthographic, oblique and curved), maximum-intensity projection (2D and 3D MIP), minimum-intensity projection (2D and 3D MinIP), segmentation (ROI), volume rendering, surface rendering and virtual endoscopy. All of these functions are astonishingly easy to use thanks to our convenient 3D mouse mode. If you’ve always wanted to know what a mouse can really do with your image sequences, then you have to try out easyIMAGE!

64-bit image processing capabilities with multithreading technology
MPR, 2D/3D MIP/MinIP, renderings and virtual endoscopy
Convenient 3D mouse mode with instant plane and volume zoom

Simply measure and plan

easyIMAGE provides every measurement and calculation you need: distances, angles, radii, diameters, surface areas, circumferences/perimeters and volumes. In X-ray images it calculates the Norberg angle, the distraction index, and heart size using the vertebral heart score method as well as TTA, TPLO and MMP. And for ultrasound images, easyIMAGE can calculate distances, times, intervals, Teichholz and Simpson for a complete cardiological examination with 2D or M mode. All measurements are stored in independent layers and can be transferred to the integrated examination forms with just a click. And if you want to plan surgical interventions in your X-ray images or CT image sequences, we recommend our convenient surgery planning software that includes over 2,000 templates from all leading providers.

Measuring, analysing and planning in 2D and 3D
Specialised radiological and cardiological measurement functions
Surgery planning software with over 2,000 templates

Manage your images from anywhere

With easyIMAGE, you can access images, videos and image sequences from anywhere – on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Our powerful HTML5 version works in all browsers and is also available as an app. With just a few clicks or taps, you can enter your patient’s image record and view all the X-ray images, ultrasound sequences and MRI image sequences in their original quality. And of course, clients, colleagues and specialists can do the same. Simply share the patients’ image records using our encrypted easyIMAGE link. If you do not want to share the images, you can simply export them, burn them to optical media (e.g. CDs, DVDs) or send them by email.

Images, videos, image sequences and DICOM for everyone
Secure access through an encrypted easyIMAGE link
iOS/Android app for tablets and smartphones

Unbeatable power package

Experience perfectly integrated image management by using easyIMAGE together with our practice management software easyVET, available in three unique versions:

  • easyVET Standard, the power package with complete image management for all non-medical (non-DICOM) image and video formats used throughout the computer, tablet and smartphone world.
  • easyVET Professional, the power package with integrated PACS for X-ray images, ultrasound images (DICOM single-image formats) and video footage in SD standard quality.
  • easyVET Enterprise, the most powerful package of all with integrated high-performance PACS for popular image, video, image sequence and DICOM formats with video recording in HD and FullHD premium quality, rapid 2D/3D 64-bit image processing for CT and MRI image sequences and web-based live streaming.
Click here to find out more about easyVET.

Practice and image management in a single software solution
Three easyVET power versions for popular areas of application
Unified user interface for all users


easyIMAGE can be applied in a versatile number of ways in every small animal practice, every outpatient equine practice, every clinic, every referral centre and every orthopaedic specialist practice as well as in all areas of cardiology, radiology, surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, oncology and telemedicine. Use easyIMAGE for your image and video documentation, your digital X-ray images, to record your endoscopy and ultrasound examinations, to analyse your CT and MRI image sequences and for surgery planning. easyIMAGE helps practitioners, specialists, colleagues and clients alike.

Standard image formats

easyIMAGE includes comprehensive image and video management for all important standard image, camera and video formats, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, PDF, MPG, AVI and MP4. Use your cameras, tablets and smartphones to store images and videos of your examinations and treatments in easyIMAGE. Use your camera to capture footage of a flexion test or a trot-up, or to photograph skin disorders, injuries or surgical interventions. Afterwards, connect your camera to easyIMAGE and transfer the images to the image record by dragging and dropping them. If you are using a tablet with Windows, the integrated cameras will work from the image record itself so that you can capture images and videos and save them with just a single tap.

Digital X-rays (CR/DX)

Do you use phosphor storage screens or detectors for your X-ray images? Then easyIMAGE is the perfect software solution for you. You can create X-ray images and then forward client and animal data along with the regions to be X-rayed, either one-by-one or as a package – all right in the animal’s image record, making the X-ray process a one-click job. What’s more, when the X-ray images are completed on the device, they are transferred to the image record automatically. From there, you can retrieve images, compare them to current or older images, carry out measurements, document your analyses or plan your surgical operations. You can forward all X-ray images directly from easyIMAGE to clients, colleagues or expert reviewers without needing to use additional software, and the recipient can then view these images in their browser or in our app.

Ultrasound (US)

easyIMAGE and ultrasound: a perfect combination. easyIMAGE recognises all generations of devices and stores images and sequences from commonly used devices. As with everything else in easyIMAGE, you can create your analysis requests and add accompanying client and animal data right in the image record. This means you can be certain that all images will automatically be available in the image record after the examination. And then you can get to work: with our special measurement functions for 2D or M mode images (pulse, left/right atrium, aorta, systolic time intervals, left/right ventricle, Teichholz, Simpson) you can analyse the heart as a whole, automatically carry out all calculations (LAs/AOd, PEP/LVET, LA/AO, FS, EF, EDVI, ESVI, Cornell Index) and transfer the results to our cardiological examination form.

Endoscopy (ES)

easyIMAGE is an indispensable tool when it comes to endoscopy because of our innovative approach: recording stills and videos right in the image record. As early as 15 years ago, we connected analogue endoscopies in VHS and S-VHS quality to easyIMAGE. Nowadays, we display images in a variety of digital FullHD units live in the image record. Regardless of which endoscopic procedure you use – laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy, gastroscopy, rhinoscopy or arthroscopy – easyIMAGE is the top choice for displaying, recording and editing images. To make sure your hands remain free when carrying out examinations and operations, you can control the image recording comfortably using our footswitch.

Computer tomography (CT)

easyIMAGE is setting the standard for CT scans. easyIMAGE supports every CT scan with 64-bit image processing and multithreading technology and works instantaneously. The number of slices that can be displayed, reconstructed and rendered using easyIMAGE is limited only by the available working and graphics memory. This makes creating reconstructions, projections, segmentations and 3D renderings as well as the virtual endoscopy process a pleasure. You can freeze at any point you want for each snapshot and simply continue from the same point later on. Comprehensive measurements and annotations are available for all individual images, reconstructed levels and volumes. You can permanently store these in corresponding layers.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

It doesn’t matter whether you are examining a horse standing upright or a small animal, – easyIMAGE can be used for all MRI examinations. Simply connect your MRI to easyIMAGE via DICOM communication and everything will work perfectly: creating analysis requests, carrying out examinations and bringing scans into the image record. For analysis, easyIMAGE automatically synchronises the scans of the individual levels and visualises the connected sectional plane levels using appropriate cross-sectional lines. Using the 3D cursor, you can obtain a fully synchronised visualisation of interesting areas across all levels using simple mouse movements. It goes without saying that all reconstruction, rendering, measurement, annotation and snapshot functions also work with MRI images.

Optimal functions for
easy image management

General functions

  • Windows software with familiar functions and operation
  • Modern user interface with advanced design
  • Easy to operate using the keyboard, mouse and Quicklinks
  • Outstanding reliability, stability and performance
  • Specially developed for use in veterinary medicine
  • Suitable for practices, clinics, connected locations and universities
  • Available as a PACS or integrated into easyVET practice management software
  • Can be used on all computers, laptops and tablets as well as in the cloud
  • Perfect integration with the web applications

Image storage and archiving

  • Freely scalable hard disk archive with no size restrictions
  • Manufacturer-neutral solution for all image, video and DICOM formats
  • DICOM 3.0 WG-25 support for animal-specific data (small animals and horses)
  • Top performance thanks to intelligent multiprocessing and multithreading
  • Mobile version with automatic synchronisation of all image data
  • Long-term archiving on optical media or in the cloud via
  • Standardised interfaces with practice management software (GDT, HL7)

Device integration

  • Interfaces to all established imaging devices and modalities
  • Simple transfer of image data from commonly used digital and video cameras
  • Direct capture of images and videos to the image record with Windows tablets
  • Live image display, capture, digitalisation and storage of analogue and digital video sources (endoscopy) right in the image record using high-quality Matrox frame grabber cards
  • DICOM communication (Store, Modality Worklist, Modality Performed Procedure Step und Query/Retrieve) with any DICOM modalities such as digital X-raying, ultrasound, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, ECG and endoscopy

Patient management

  • Powerful management tools for clients, animals and examinations
  • Intelligent patient management tools to avoid duplicate records
  • Can receive client and animal data from practice management software (GDT, HL7)
  • Automatic client, animal and examination data transfer to connected DICOM modalities via DICOM Modality Worklist and DICOM Modality Performed Procedure Step
  • Unique image record with all of an animal’s images, videos and image sequences
  • High-performance search functions for client, animal, image and examination data


  • Convenient pop-up window to display any information regarding clients, animals, analysis requests, examinations, image data and staff members
  • Displays all key details when the user hovers the mouse above the relevant icons
  • Context-dependent display at the touch of a key or with a simple mouse movement
  • Dynamic inclusion of exactly the data required at that point
  • Available in patient management tool and all important windows and dialogues

Image viewing

  • High-performance software for viewing all image, video and image sequence formats
  • Display layout, keyboard and mouse functions can be configured for each user
  • All image, video and image sequence formats can be displayed simultaneously and instantaneously
  • Support for up to four monitors at each viewing workstation
  • Full-screen mode for optimal utilisation of available monitor size
  • Split-screen technology for simultaneous display of image data, live videos, image sequences and examination forms for documentation of findings
  • Comprehensive tool range for image display, image processing, image transformation and for measuring, analysing and documenting
  • Auto-adaptive tool selection for each image, video and image sequence format
  • Integrated special tools for radiology, endoscopy and cardiology

Image handling

  • Instantaneous display of all images, videos and image sequences
  • Integrated image manager for efficient access to all of an animal’s image data
  • Loading of all image data of the same type or same modality with just one click
  • Direct location and display of all images with the same anatomical region
  • Drag & drop of thumbnails for positioning image data according to your needs
  • Automatic arrangement of different image data and image sizes on opening
  • Customised arrangement of image data, videos and image sequences using a practical layout manager
  • Automatic logging of all work steps to ensure that previous layout, viewing and editing settings can be recovered at any time
  • Multiple displays and independent processing of identical image data
  • Unique snapshot function for saving any image viewing and layout settings: zoom, position/arrangement, contrast/brightness, window/level, saturation, positions in videos and image sequences, 2D and 3D settings from MPR, MIP and rendering

Image sharing

  • Efficient export of image data in different target formats
  • Easy process for creating USB sticks and burning optical media such as CD, DVD and Blu-ray for clients and colleagues, including efficient viewer, no installation required
  • Intelligent drag & drop of image data from easyIMAGE into every other Windows software, for example Microsoft Outlook, Word or PowerPoint
  • High-quality and zero-loss image transmission via with email notification and integrated Quicklinks for direct viewing of the received image data in the easyIMAGE HTML5 viewer or the easyIMAGE app
  • Integrated examination requests between the vet and teleradiology partners using the web applications on

Images and videos

  • Import of all image and video data from PCs and Macs
  • Direct import of all image and video data from digital and video cameras
  • Capture function for tablets with integrated cameras directly in the record card
  • Ideally suited as supplementary image and video documentation in day-to-day practice

Video recording

  • Unique video management function for analogue and digital endoscopy, non-DICOM-compatible ultrasound devices and any other video sources
  • Live image display in unrivalled quality directly in the animal’s image record
  • Simultaneous live image display and capture from up to four video sources
  • Display of other image data such as X-rays or CT scans during the capture
  • Definition of device-specific video profiles for optimal control and display
  • Outstanding display (progressive scan) of all video sources via adaptive deinterlacing with movement compensation (adaptive motion deinterlacing)
  • Analogue connection options: PAL/NTSC (FBAS, S-Video, RGB), HD/SD (720p, 1080i) via Matrox video digitalisation cards (Morphis, Vio, Orion) or USB
  • Digital connection possibilities: DVI and HD/SD SDI (480i, 480p, 576i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p) via Matrox video digitalisation cards (Vio and Orion), DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI and USB.
  • Highly efficient H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video compression during recording for optimal video quality with minimal storage requirements
  • Manual control or footswitch for controlling recording (freeze frame, start, pause, stop)
  • Efficient functions for editing, converting and merging videos of the same and different qualities and resolutions
  • Live streaming of video examinations for clients and colleagues in the internal practice network or online via invitation via
  • Complete video support for Windows tablets for mobile video recording (USB 3.0 port or integrated video camera)
  • Compatible with endoscopy systems from all leading manufacturers
  • If desired, archiving in accordance with the DICOM standard

X-ray images (DICOM

  • Efficient image management for digital X-ray images (DICOM formats CR, DX, XA)
  • Any positioning and distribution of X-ray images with drag & drop or via the layout manager for efficient image comparison and progress analyses
  • Display of X-ray images with the same anatomical regions with just one click
  • Range of special measuring functions for X-ray images such as Norberg angle, distraction index, vertebral heart score (VHS), TTA, TPLO and MMP
  • Synchronisation of X-ray images for simultaneous changing of zoom, movement and window/level in different recorded images
  • Simple sending of X-ray images to be examined for genetically determined skeletal diseases (GRSK, Lectures officielles DH/DC, FSA) such as hip and elbow dysplasias

Ultrasound recording (DICOM)

  • Efficient single-image and video management for all ultrasound recordings
  • Editing and analysis of ultrasound examinations at any workstation
  • Extensive special measuring functions for 2D or M mode images (pulse, left/right atrium, aorta, systolic time interval, left/right ventricle, Teichholz, Simpson)
  • Integrated calculations for LAs/AOd, PEP/LVET, LA/AO, FS, EF, EDVI, ESVI and Cornell index
  • Transmission of all data in the integrated examination forms

CT and MRI image sequences (DICOM)

  • Unique image sequence management function for computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging
  • Powerful 64-bit image processing with multithreading technology
  • No waiting time for loading and display of image sequences of any size
  • Multiplanar reconstruction (MPR, orthographic, oblique and curved), maximum-intensity projection (2D and 3D MIP), segmentation (ROI), 3D volume rendering, 3D surface rendering and virtual endoscopy in real time
  • Innovative 3D mouse modes for tilting and rotating the current 2D view for any sectional planes, viewing angles and 2D MIP via simple mouse movement
  • Brilliant 3D magnifying glass for three-dimensional views in 2D images and reconstruction
  • Snapshot functionality for saving any status in a displayed image sequence
  • Synchronisation of image sequences for simultaneous display of position, localisation, zoom, movement and window/level in different image sequences
  • 2D and 3D measurement functions in individual images, reconstructed levels and volumes with permanent saving of the results


  • Extensive measurement functions for all image and image sequence formats
  • Colour and size of measurement lines and result texts can be freely configured for each user
  • Layer technique for showing and hiding individual, related or all measurements
  • Manual or automatic image calibration for reliable measurement results
  • Distances, angles, intersection angles, parallel angles, diameters and radii
  • Area and circumference/perimeter of circles, ellipses, rectangles, regions and any freeforms
  • Volume and surface area of spheres, cubes, organs and freeforms
  • Measuring functions for X-ray images: Norberg angle, distraction index, vertebral heart score method, TTA, TPLO and MMP.
  • Measurement functions for ultrasound images: pulse, times, left/right atrium, aorta, systolic time interval, left/right ventricle, Teichholz and Simpson
  • Saving of all measurements and results for images and/or image sequences
  • Transfer of measurements and results in the integrated findings form
  • If desired, “burning in” of measurements and results before image forwarded


  • Extensive tools and functions for annotation, marking and commenting on images, videos, image sequences and volumes
  • Colour and size of lines, surfaces and texts can be configured for each user
  • Layer technique for showing and hiding individual, grouped or all annotations
  • Standard annotations for line, arrow, circle, oval, square, rectangle, scribble and freeform can be positioned and scaled as desired
  • Text input fields can be formatted as required for documentation of findings on the image
  • “Image-in-image” function for inserting and superimposing other images
  • Special annotations for skin, eye and tumour examinations such as points, point collections and special organ and anatomical shapes
  • Saving of all annotations with the image, video or volume
  • If desired, “burning in” of annotations before image forwarded

Surgery planning

  • Efficient digital planning software for orthopaedic surgery
  • Planning, performance and saving directly in the animal’s image record
  • Stored planning status available on all workstations
  • Extensive online library with templates for screws, plates and implants
  • Detection of circular and spherical markers for automatic image calibration
  • Intelligent measuring and planning wizards for TPLO, TTA procedure and MMP
  • Extracting, moving and repositioning of bone segments
  • Automatic selection of related templates and template sizes
  • Multidimensional bending of plates such as ALPS, SOP and CRIF
  • Multilayer and multiview functionality for simple before-and-after comparisons
  • 2D and 3D surgery planning with digital X-ray images and CT series

Internet and apps

  • Direct access to all image data via any browser
  • Simple search functions for all clients, animals, addresses and image data
  • Access via secured and encrypted communications protocol (HTTPS)
  • Display and editing of all image data with easyIMAGE HTML5 viewer
  • Powerful easyIMAGE app for tablets and smartphones


  • Efficient customer relationship management (CRM) tools
  • Documentation system for data that is not related to images
  • Logging the text content of all emails and text massages
  • Automatic logging of important events such as telephone calls
  • Transparency for all activities with clients, colleagues and companies
  • Categorisation of journal entries as well as colour-coding
  • Notebook for personal information


  • Efficient task and control system
  • Regular, automatic display of incomplete tasks
  • Personal tasks with protected and private tasks
  • Categorisation of tasks as well as colour-coding
  • Task series for regularly recurring tasks
  • Tasks for everyone, for groups, or for individual members of staff
  • Free definition of standard tasks and task packages


  • Comprehensive functions for internal and external communication
  • Direct access (IntelliView) to telephone numbers and email addresses in all places where clients and staff are displayed
  • All communication details logged and saved in the journal
  • Internal messaging system for staff and between workstations
  • Sending of text messages (SMS) to internal and external phones
  • Interfaces to existing email software such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Integrated web-based communication via and

Staff administration

  • Definition of staff groups and group settings
  • Master data with personal information, contact details, address, title, department, signature, easyVET and login information (vetsXL-ID)
  • Individual settings for tables, access authorisations, dialogues and application functionality

System organisation

  • Program settings
  • Storage management and archiving
  • Configuration of devices and modalities
  • Notebook administration
  • Species and breeds of animals
  • Postcodes, towns/cities and street addresses
  • Staff members
  • Auto-adaptive lists

VCS VetZ cloud services

  • Rental and use of easyIMAGE from anywhere
  • Scalable as required for small practices and large clinics
  • Option to expand processor performance, RAM and hard disk space at any time
  • Access from anywhere with any device using easyIMAGE RemoteApp
  • RAID6 bulk storage cluster with automatic data protection

  • Perfect integration of all business applications
  • Sending of images, videos and image sequences to colleagues and animal owners
  • Integrated communication function (email and SMS service)
  • Order management and automatic findings integration for teleradiology (VetCT)
  • Processing of standardised examination forms from societies for the determination of genetically influenced skeletal diseases (GRSK, Lectures officielles DH/DC, FSA)
  • easyIMAGE updates and knowledge base


  • easyIMAGE Professional
    PACS (picture archiving and communication system) for DICOM single-image formats and analogue video recording (SD). Includes powerful image viewing and analysis functions for digital X-ray images and ultrasound images.

  • easyIMAGE Enterprise
    High-performance PACS (picture archiving and communication system) for all established image, video and DICOM formats, analogue and digital video recording (HD) and video streaming. Includes powerful image viewing and analysis functions for all image, video and image sequence formats and 64-bit image processing for CT and MRI image sequences.


  • Workstations and tablets:
    Windows 7 or Windows 10, Intel Core i3 processor
    4 GB RAM for 32-bit operating systems
    8 GB RAM for 64-bit operating systems
  • Video workstations:
    Windows 7, Intel Core i5 Processor
    4 GB RAM for 32-bit operating systems

  • 3D workstations:
    Windows 7 or Windows 10, Intel Core i7 processor
    16 GB RAM for 64-bit operating systems
    nVidia graphics card with at least 4 GB graphics memory

  • Server:
    Windows Server 2008R2 or Windows Server 2012R2
    Intel Xeon E5 Processor, 16 GB RAM

  • Screen resolution for workstations and tablets:
    At least 1,920 x 1,080 pixels; recommended: 1,920 x 1,200 pixels
    Aspect ratio: 4:3, 15:10 or 16:10 (width:height) )

Not all of the service descriptions, functions and modules above are available in all countries.
An Internet connection is required for the use of some of the functions.
Some functions may be subject to additional charges.


What our customers and partners are saying

Victoria Johnson and Julien Labruyere, VetCT, Cambridge
“VetZ provide a solution for Veterinary practice management and diagnostic imaging, including a state of the art DICOM image viewer and PACS. The diagnostic imaging features of their software are excellent and amongst the best in the veterinary market. Our collaboration with VetZ has allowed us to create a unique integrated telemedicine service for the benefit of VetZ users.

With only a few mouse clicks within the VetZ interface, an entire case can be seamlessly referred to one of our Diploma-holding specialists for their advice. Radiographic reports are quickly provided within a matter of hours to enable vets to more effectively manage their cases and improve clinical outcome. Our detailed reports with labelled images and treatment recommendations are returned directly into the VetZ interface for easy access.

This new integrated service is intended to support vets dealing with challenging cases by enabling easy access to specialist advice, save time in the busy clinic environment and advance patient care. We are very excited to see the launch of this combined service!”
Dr. Andreas Kasa, Dr. Kasa Small Animal Hospital, Lörrach
“We have been using a digital X-ray system, in combination with easyIMAGE, for many years. This has made it possible for us to perform measurements for TPLOs, TTAs and other orthopaedic operations for a long time.

With the new easyIMAGE operation planning module, we now have an ingenious add-on module which allows us to carry out even complex operation planning directly on the monitor, including a true-to-scale depiction of implants. Before now, we were only able to print out X-rays in original size, trim them to size and then use the appropriate implant templates to determine the optimum implant size. As this was so complex, the correct fracture planning was unfortunately often neglected.

With the new surgery module, however, it is so fast that every fracture or corrective osteotomy can be planned, measured and monitored simply and precisely. I recommend that anyone who operates regularly should use the calibration tool (25 mm metal ball with gooseneck), which is available as an option. easyIMAGE recognises this metal ball automatically, so that the bone size shown on the monitor corresponds very accurately with the original. Overall, an extremely useful addition for all easyIMAGE users.”
Dr. Tim Steinberg, member of the hospital management and specialist horse veterinarian, Animal Hospital Lüsche, Bakum
“We have been working with easyIMAGE for more than 15 years. The system allows us to match all of our diagnostic and therapeutic imaging procedures (e.g. ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, scintigraphy and digital photos and videos) to the right horse and to edit them.

For us, other important features include the quick retrieval of all images and data for owner presentations and the ability to send these all around the world – with easyIMAGE, this is quick, easy and reliable.”
Dr Maren Hellige, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation
“All information in just a click!

easyVET is a patient management system that fulfils all requirements. In particular, the integrated DICOM viewer “easyIMAGE” provides all the capabilities needed to view images, including multi-plane reconstructions of CT scans and 3D reconstructions that portray anatomical structures in a way that the animals’ owners can understand. Using the viewer is child’s play thanks to a user-friendly symbol menu. Adding image material, such as images produced by the referring vet, takes nothing more than a few clicks. Imaging-based screening files can be sent via email or saved to a data storage device very quickly.

All information including stall plans, appointment calendars, costs, medications and telephone numbers of small-animal practices are just a click away – allowing you to work effectively in your day-to-day clinical practice.”

Experience even more easyIMAGE in our news section and on our microsites.