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Child’s play to work with

When you don’t have to think about how it works. When every step you take is the right one. When you can work with software without ever having learned to use it. When you can say it makes your work child’s play. That is easyVET.


easyVET supports you and your team in everything you do, with a wide range of intelligent tools for planning, organisation and communication, while connecting your workstations, devices and web services. Add easyVET to your team and experience real teamwork.

More time for free time

Everything is faster with easyVET – in appointment scheduling, at reception, in the treatment room, in the laboratory, on the ward, on the road, in the X-ray department, in the operating theatre, in invoicing, in ordering and in evaluation. The result? More time for everyone and everything.

Keep in touch

easyVET makes communicating with clients, colleagues and business partners a breeze. One click is all you need to make phone calls, write e-mails and send text messages. For everything else, there is and The result? You stay connected at all times.

Simply enjoyable

Working with easyVET is fun. That’s because easyVET has a simple, elegant and intuitive user interface. All details have been designed with painstaking thought and attention and work together perfectly, so that you can enjoy managing your practice.

Stay healthy

easyVET cares about animal health. easyVET sends a clear signal with extensive functions for your animal health and treatment plans, a wide range of automatic reminder systems and impressive videos and animations from VisioCare Consult TM. Let’s work together to keep animals healthy!

Software for efficient practice management

For over 25 years, more than 5,000 practices, clinics and universities around the world have been successfully working with easyVET. They use easyVET as a central platform for practice management, image management, animal health and communication. easyVET is the only software that combines all four applications in a modern and consistent user interface, making everything much easier, faster and more productive for you and your team. Just a few hours is all it takes for easyVET to become an indispensable part of your work.

Our electronic card index box is the heart and soul of easyVET. It allows you to access all essential functions in just one step and manage every aspect of your practice’s day-to-day operations more efficiently than ever before. The integrated index cards are considered to be the best and most advanced in veterinary medicine. There is no easier and faster approach to structured, quality-assured documentation. easyVET perfectly connects your laboratory devices, imaging systems and external partners – such as laboratories, suppliers, colleagues and insurance providers – and lets them share data fully automatically with easyVET. For personal exchange, easyVET offers first-class communication tools – for the best customer relationships in the world.

Benefit from a world of opportunities and options, and modernise your practice management with easyVET. It is time for a change. Rely on the easiest and most advanced practice management software in the world, and lead your practice successfully into the digital future. Our three editions – easyVET Standard, easyVET Professional and easyVET Enterprise – offer flexible, easy options. Install easyVET locally at your practice or use it in our cloud. Buy easyVET as a package or lease it on a monthly basis. Simply choose the easyVET that is right for you.

New features

Every version of easyVET comes with a wide range of useful improvements and great new options. The latest version features a wide range of functions for managing animal medical insurance policies, animal health plans and treatment plans; new communication tools for phone, fax, e-mail and text messaging; new on-demand technologies for streaming videos from VisioCare ConsultTM; the premiere of the state-of-the-art examination forms for small animals, livestock and horses; and the release of the three new easyVET editions: easyVET Standard, easyVET Professional and easyVET Enterprise. Now you can choose between easy image and video processing, integrating DICOM devices such as digital X-ray and ultrasound, and a high-end solution with 3D visualisation and digital operation planning.

Prevention with easyVET: the new functions for animal health and treatment plans

Small animals, horses and livestock alike all need regular veterinary care to stay fit and successfully prevent diseases. Thanks to the clever new functions for animal health and treatment plans, it is now easy to arrange regular healthcare and preventive measures with your clients and manage them in easyVET. How about a premium prevention plan for dog owners, a vaccination and worming plan for horse owners, or a stock care plan for farmers? All it takes is a few steps to define your individual plans and benefit from more regular income, more reliable capacity planning for your team and stronger customer loyalty. Getting easyVET pays off!

The three editions: easyVET Standard, easyVET Professional and easyVET Enterprise.

Isn’t it nice when everything becomes even simpler and better? easyVET now contains all the functions of easyIMAGE and is therefore the only practice management software in veterinary medicine with integrated image management. Recording, viewing, reporting, archiving, and sharing images, videos and series is now child's play. And with the three new editions, you'll always find exactly the right easyVET for your needs: if you want to save images from your computer, digital camera, or smartphone, easyVET Standard is the right choice. If you also want to connect your digital X-ray device and your ultrasound device to easyVET, or if you want to record or store any videos in standard quality, you need easyVET Professional with integrated DICOM functionality. And if you need a high-performance PACS for your CT/MRI series and ultrasound loops or want to record your endoscopy in HD, easyVET Enterprise with fast 64-bit image processing and live streaming is the perfect solution.

State of the art: the new examination forms for dogs, cats, horses and livestock

After more than two years in development, the new examination forms for dogs, cats, horses and livestock have arrived. Structured, state-of-the-art veterinary examinations combined with systematic and consistent documentation, specially developed examination graphics with integrated templates for your drawings that are as individual as necessary and as standardised as possible. From medical history and abdominal ultrasound to orthopaedic examinations and vital signs, easyVET lets you and your team keep complete, consistently high-quality records of your patients’ health that are designed to last. Our thanks go out to all the clients, vets, specialists and employees around the world who made this one-of-a-kind multimedia library possible.


easyVET has many highlights: easyVET is easy to learn and use. easyVET is elegant, attractive and intuitive. easyVET is fun. easyVET is secure, stable and reliable. easyVET is powerful, fast and advanced. easyVET is the future. These highlights are the foundation of everything we develop and are what motivate us to go the extra mile so that you can harness the full potential of easyVET and enjoy a user experience that has been part of easyVET for over 25 years: easy.

Ingenious patient management

Whose idea was it to equip our modern software with a traditional card index box system? The minute you start working with easyVET, you’ll notice that our card index box – with its three drawers in blue (clients), green (animals) and orange (treatments) – cleverly combines a familiar look, impressive functionality and unbeatable efficiency. The intelligent search fields, which are directly integrated in the individual drawers, help you find everything that you are looking for in just seconds. Clear, easy-to-understand symbols in front of the index cards show you the most important status information at a glance. The activated quick links on the front panels of the drawers make it possible for you to see what is saved in the index cards at all times and view the contents with a single click, giving you access to contact information, outstanding invoices, incoming payments, animal health plans, laboratory results, entered examination forms, saved images, videos and sequences, and the intelligent dashboards that sum up everything worth knowing about the client, animal or treatment on a single page.

Familiar look, impressive functionality and unbeatable efficiency
Access all essential content, information, functions and dashboards with a single click
Get an overview thanks to consistent colours, clear symbols and quick links

Electronic index card

Our electronic index card is a whole universe of possibilities. It contains everything you need to document your treatments, manage your treatment records and invoice your products and services. The only electronic index card that digitally and centrally stores the complete treatment history with all treatment information, it can be accessed anytime from anywhere and wins users over with the consistent presentation of internal and external laboratory results; powerful, efficient fax, PDF, image and video documentation; and full DICOM compatibility for your digital X-ray and ultrasound images as well as CT sequences. Equipped with over 80 state-of-the-art examination forms for small animals, horses and livestock, as well as a modern and productive word processing feature, it is intelligent too. It adapts and learns what you do while you create and update your treatment files. As a result, you always see just the right suggestions for whatever you want to enter. And the impressive videos and animations from VisioCare Consult TM let you explain examinations, treatments and operations easier and more convincingly than ever before.

Endless documentation, management and invoicing options
Reports, laboratory results, examination forms, documents, images, videos and DICOM
Unbelievably fast entry of treatment records with intelligent, self-learning functions

Perfect connections

easyVET connects all your workstations, laboratory devices and imaging systems perfectly. Thanks to the fully automatic exchange of patient and examination data using standard interfaces (DICOM/HL7/xDT), you’ll never have to enter information twice or copy it from A to B again. By creating examination requests for laboratory and imaging examinations directly in the index card, all information about the client, animal and requested examination appears immediately in the laboratory and on your imaging devices. After the examination, the devices automatically add your laboratory results, digital X-ray images, ultrasound loops, CT scans and everything else to the correct index card. Working with your external partners is just as easy. With the web applications from, you are also perfectly connected to your laboratories, suppliers, colleagues and all other service providers and organisations.

Perfectly connected to all laboratory devices and imaging systems
Easy sharing of patient and request data with all devices, departments and external partners
Fully automatic entry of all results, images, videos and sequences in the index cards

Intelligent dashboards

Keeping a constant overview of everything that is going on is the foundation on which successful practice management is built. That’s why easyVET comes with a wide range of intelligent dashboards. Take the client dashboard, for instance: it is the key to successful customer relationships and shows you revenue, important evaluations and analyses, sent e-mails and text messages, past phone calls, upcoming appointments, tasks in progress and current financial statements at a glance. The supplier dashboard is also a clever feature. Price negotiations have never been easier! Find all products, orders and deliveries, along with your revenues and profits – as well as easy-to-understand figures, tables and diagrams – in a single card. And let’s not forget your personal dashboard, with your appointments, tasks, e-mails, messages, notes and current cases.

Successful practice management with optimally presented data, facts and figures
Intelligent dashboards for clients, animals, treatments, products and suppliers
Personal dashboards with patients, appointments, tasks, notes and messages

Efficient workflows

No matter where you use easyVET, it speeds up and optimises your practice’s day-to-day operations and wins you and your clients over: At the reception desk, where you can access all planning, organisation and communication tools in a single step so that your clients never have to face long waits again. In the treatment room, where you can enter your treatments along with examination forms, examination requests, services and products in a single step, letting you spend a lot more time with your patients. In the operating room and on the ward, where you can create regular treatment protocols and monitor your patients far more easily in a single step thanks to the electronic whiteboard. In the laboratory and diagnostic imaging, where you can see your examination requests in a single step and never have to keep double records of clients and animals again. In the office, where you can forward insurance claims to insurers in a single step, easing the burden on your clients without additional time and effort for you. Or on the road, where you have everything you need and your clients can look forward to perfect care and support.

More time for clients, patients, colleagues, your team – and you
Just one step for all essential functions, activities and workflows
Never have to keep double records of clients and animals or copy data from A to B again

More fun in the office

Never before have things that are usually a chore – such as issuing invoices, booking incoming payments, printing reminders and statements, filing insurance claims or ordering products – been so much fun. With easyVET, things that used to take hours can be handled in a matter of minutes. easyVET also cuts the time needed to manage animal health and treatment plans, calculate key performance indicators (KPIs) and take care of all other office tasks. You’ll also find a powerful and efficient word processing feature designed to boost your creativity and productivity for your discharge letters, findings reports and return referrals – so that you can write letters that look fantastic and are a pleasure to read.

Print invoices, reminders and statements and book incoming payments the easy way
Generate key performance indicators (KPIs) and other evaluations and analyses in no time flat
Write professional, appealing findings reports, return referrals and letters

Modern communication

easyVET makes communication easier than ever before. All you need to do to activate your clients’, colleagues’ and employees’ contact information throughout easyVET is move your mouse. One click is all it takes to make phone calls, send faxes, write e-mails and send messages. easyVET automatically sends text messages containing vaccination reminders, reminders about medications to be administered regularly, appointment confirmations and appointment reminders. E-mail documents such as invoices, financial statements, treatment plans, return referrals and newsletters conveniently as PDF files. easyVET archives your entire correspondence directly in the respective client and colleague records so that you can always see who sent what message when. One special highlight is the automated caller ID function. As soon as someone calls your practice and easyVET recognises the number, it automatically displays the corresponding index card.

Make phone calls, send faxes, write e-mails and send text messages with a single click
Mouseover feature in all windows to activate clients’, colleagues’ and employees’ contact information
Call centre function with caller ID and automatic display of client dashboard

Integrated image management

easyVET is the only practice management software with a fully integrated picture archiving and communication system (PACS). easyVET works with all common image, video and sequence formats, is 100% compatible with the current DICOM standard and provides all key DICOM services. Upload images and videos to index cards directly from your computer, camera or smartphone. See your arthroscopy live in the index card, and create still images and videos during the operation. Use the built-in camera in your Windows tablet to document your examinations with helpful images and videos. Generate the corresponding examination requests (DICOM Modality Worklist) directly in the index card when you use your ultrasound device, digital X-ray system or any other DICOM device, saving you the trouble of having to manually enter information into the device and ensuring that all images and recordings are automatically displayed in the index card (DICOM Store). Click here to find out how to subsequently view, diagnose and share your images, videos and sequences with clients and colleagues.

Fully integrated image management for all images, videos, sequences and DICOM formats
Direct (cameras and endoscopy) and bidirectional (DICOM) communication with all devices
Ideal for image and video documentation, digital X-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy, CT and MRT

Areas of application

easyVET can be used anywhere and is a perfect fit for small animal, equine and livestock practices, as well as large clinics, branch locations and universities. easyVET gives you maximum flexibility, no matter what kind of animals you treat, how large your team is and where you work. You can also adapt and expand easyVET anytime if your practice grows or changes. Find out why easyVET is a perfect match for you.

Small animal practices

Your small animal practice can be a busy place. With clients and animals sitting in the waiting room, the phone ringing, emergencies interfering and operations taking longer than expected, you still have to be available to talk to everyone. easyVET helps you keep everything under control. That’s because easyVET knows how a small animal practice works, giving you the freedom to take care of what really matters: your patients.

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Equine practices

As an equine practitioner, you are constantly on the go. Your clients demand the best and top performance from you. Perfect care, reliable communication and the use of state-of-the-art diagnostics are a must. easyVET makes meeting these demands a breeze. That’s because easyVET gives you access to your index cards, findings, digital X-ray images, contact information and appointments at all times, no matter where you happen to be.

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Livestock practices

You are on the go from morning to night, leaving you little time for practice management. Your software has to be completely mobile and support you perfectly in managing your practice. By helping you work from the road, easyVET makes caring for stocks, issuing invoices, documenting medication, monitoring antibiotics and managing inventories child’s play.

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Large practices and clinics

You are there for your clients around the clock. So you need software that is there for you 24 hours a day – software that is easy to use, 100% stable and absolutely reliable. A central, fully integrated all-rounder for all departments, devices and employees.

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Branch locations

Do you own multiple practices and clinics throughout the city, region or country, or even across borders? Do you want to connect all locations and manage them centrally in a single system? Then easyVET is the perfect solution.

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Five clinics, 18 institutes, 680 workstations, 62 modalities, 1,200 employees, terabytes of data, one software: easyVET. No matter how large and complex your faculty is, easyVET turns big and complex into easy as pie – so that you can focus on animals, science and teaching.

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easyVET is more than a practice management software system. easyVET is a patient management, digital index card, image management (PACS), Office package, organisation tool, resources planning, stock control, communication, accounting, controlling, business intelligence (BI) and customer relationship management (CRM) system in one. easyVET offers hundreds of intelligent, powerful and efficient functions in a single, central software package. It lets you manage your day-to-day operations easier and faster, allowing you to focus all your attention and energy on your patients.

General functions

  • Windows software with familiar functions and operating features
  • Modern user interface with advanced design
  • Very simple operation using a keyboard, mouse and quick links
  • Outstanding reliability, availability and stability
  • For use with all species (small animals, livestock and horses)
  • Suited for use at practices, clinics, branch locations and universities
  • Available for all computers, notebooks, tablets and cloud computing
  • Complete integration of web applications
  • Perfect integration of the animal health portal

Electronic card index box

  • Ingeniously simple management of clients, animals and treatments
  • Innovative design and colour concept for clients, animals and treatments
  • Efficient search functions for all data directly in the card index box
  • Make phone calls, write e-mails and send text messages with a single click
  • Quick links in all drawers for displaying saved content directly
  • Important information indicated by unique symbols
  • Access all essential functions with a single key or a shortcut
  • Freely configurable column, line and register arrangement


  • All master data, settings and content in one window
  • Client dashboard with financial status, next appointments, tasks in progress, important notes and functions for easy customer retention management
  • Quick links to all essential and frequently used functions
  • Detailed overview of invoices, reminders and incoming payments
  • Data exchange and communication with and
  • Real-time credit check using and BFS health finance


  • Master data on small animals, horses, livestock and stocks
  • Unlimited contact information (breeder, trainer, stable, farrier, etc.)
  • Animal dashboard with treatment history, next appointments, tasks in progress, important notes, vaccination management, insurance status, animal health plan and key information about all treatments
  • Quick links to all essential and frequently used functions
  • Fully automated appointment, vaccination and medication reminder system
  • Insurance management system for animal health insurance plans (with claims monitoring)
  • Define and manage animal health and treatment plans
  • Percentage-based distribution among multiple animal owners with automatic invoicing
  • Animal identification using chip readers with animal registration on
  • Stock registration for quality management systems on
  • Data exchange and communication with and


  • The perfect electronic index card for a paperless work environment
  • Treatment dashboard with summary of all treatment registers, tasks in progress, important notes and key information
  • Quick links to all essential and frequently used functions
  • Intelligent and self-learning service and product coverage using IntelliVet
  • Standard treatments, examinations and cases
  • Easy allocation to employees, practice areas and profit centres
  • Time and charge management for weekend and night shift bonuses
  • Bookmark function for important key information related to the current treatment
  • Save lab results with consistent presentation of results
  • Easy integration and saving of faxes and PDF files
  • Archive images, videos and sequences (all formats and DICOM)
  • Generate examination requests for in-house laboratory devices and imaging
  • Web-based generation of examination requests for external laboratories
  • Online access to teleradiology services (vetrad consult, VetCT)
  • Direct access to over 950 videos and animations from VisioCare Consult TM
  • Integrated word processing for professional correspondence
  • Easy prescription printing and integrated drug documentation
  • Referral management between veterinary practices using
  • Data exchange and communication with and


  • Ingenious pop-up window for displaying a wide range of information on clients, animals, treatments, addresses, suppliers, products and linked addresses such as vets, referring colleagues and insurance companies
  • Displays all essential information on the current appointment, available boxes, case status, colleagues, images or insurance by moving the mouse over the corresponding icons
  • Context-based display by pressing a key or moving the mouse
  • Available in the card index box and all essential windows and dialogues

Appointments schedule

  • Scheduling for clients, vets and assistants
  • Define flexible appointments schedules for groups, departments and branch offices
  • Resource planning for employees, rooms and devices
  • Appointment scheduling and appointment overview directly in the card index box
  • Personal appointments schedule with protected and private appointments
  • Categorise appointments and colour-coding
  • Automatically displays future appointments in all dashboards
  • Easy daily, weekly, monthly and annual overviews
  • Appointment series for regularly recurring appointments
  • Appointment confirmations and reminders by text message or through
  • Online appointment scheduling for clients in real time using

Waiting room

  • Intelligent waiting room and patient management
  • Clear overview of all patients including treatment status
  • Shows which patient is currently being treated by which employee in which room
  • Calculation of patient waiting times and average daily waiting times
  • Automatic personalisation to show own patients
  • Displays information about important patients and emergencies
  • Waiting room history (Who was there yesterday?)

Case system

  • Case and task management for structured patient management
  • Central interface for cases, patients and examination requests
  • Clear overview of all patients including treatment status, request status and examinations and treatments already performed
  • Structured workflows and task management for departments such as outpatient, laboratory, radiology, internal medicine, surgery or ward
  • Colour-coding of departments for optimal visual presentation
  • Use default cases for standardised workflows, efficient treatment records, consistent documentation and reliable invoicing
  • Flexible definition of responsibilities for cases and requests
  • Automatic monitoring of incurred treatment costs
  • Approval mechanisms for the completion of invoicing and treatment
  • Displays information about important patients and emergencies
  • Web-based referral management for clinics, specialists and referring vets using

Ward management

  • Flexible definition of individual wards and boxes
  • Displays information on various box sizes
  • Free colour selection for wards and boxes
  • Different views for each employee
  • Direct webcam-based monitoring in ward management
  • Automatic calculation and entry of ward costs
  • Allocate regular tasks, treatments and examinations
  • Ward history for monitoring box occupancy

Laboratory management

  • Efficient task management for in-house laboratory devices and external laboratories
  • Consistent presentation of results of all laboratory examinations
  • Presentation in conventional or international units
  • Define own laboratory profiles and reference values by species
  • Automatic tabular and graphic presentation of charts (across profiles)
  • Perfect (bidirectional) communication with all common laboratory devices
  • Fully automatic storage of internal and external laboratory results in treatment files with push notification of external results
  • Automatic invoicing of laboratory services
  • Integrated, web-based task management with consistent user interface for all leading laboratories using

  • Supported devices:
    • Abacus Junior Vet5
    • ABX Pentra 400
    • Advia 120
    • Alere EPOC
    • Aution Micro
    • CA90 Eclipse
    • CellDyn3500
    • Cobas c 111, c 311, Mira Plus
    • EDAN i15Vet
    • Eurolyser Vet, Solo
    • Exigo Boule BM800
    • Fuji FDC 3500i, FDC 4000, FDC 7000, FDC-NX 500i, NX 700
    • Hitachi 912
    • IDEXX InterLink (all devices)
    • i-STAT1
    • Keylab 0310
    • Konelab
    • Medonic
    • Mindray BC5000Vet
    • MS4-5
    • OmniS
    • Opti CCA
    • pocH-100iV-Diff
    • QuickVet
    • Rapidlab 1200, 248, 348, 860
    • RefloVet
    • Rx Daytona
    • Samsung PT10V
    • scil vCell 5
    • scil VitroVet
    • Siemens EPOC
    • Spotchem D-Concept
    • Spotchem EL 1510/1520, EZ 4410/4420/4430
    • Sysmex XT-1800iV, XT-2000iV
    • VetABC, VetABC plus
    • VetScan, VetScan HM5, VetScan VS2, VetScan HMT
    • IDEXX VetStation, VetTest 8008
    • V-Sight (BC-2800Vet)

Image management

  • Fascinating image and video management directly in the treatment card
  • Supports all common image, camera and video formats
  • Extensive range of functions for viewing and processing images
  • Direct image and video importing from digital cameras and smartphones
  • Live photos and videos in the treatment card with Windows tablets
  • Easy dispatch using and sharing for
  • Free use of the easyIMAGE app for clients and external access

  • Additional functions for users of easyVET Professional and up:
    • Integrated picture archiving and communication system (PACS)
    • DICOM WG-25 support for veterinary patient data
    • Generate examination requests directly in the treatment card
    • Process all DICOM single-image and video formats
    • Standard-definition (SD) video recording and editing
    • Image processing and measuring tools for digital X-ray and ultrasound

  • Additional functions for users of easyVET Enterprise and up:
    • Process all DICOM single-image, video and sequence formats
    • High-definition (HD) video recording and editing
    • Image processing and measuring tools for CT, MRT and ultrasound

Examination forms

  • Extensive library with examination forms for dogs, cats and horses
  • Optimal for structured, quality-assured and standardised documentation
  • Automatic tabular and graphic presentation of charts (across forms)
  • Integration in standard treatments, examinations and cases
  • Evaluations, analyses and comparisons with all entries
  • Optimised for the touch function on Windows tablets

  • General examination forms:
    • Medical history
    • General clinical examination
    • Vital signs

  • Special examination forms:
    • Neurological examination
    • Ophthalmological examination
    • Dental examination
    • Ear examination
    • Lymph node examination
    • Cardiovascular examination
    • Respiratory tract examination
    • Gastrointestinal tract examination
    • Orthopaedic examination
    • Lameness examination
    • Orthopaedic examination of the hoof
    • Conduction anaesthesia
    • Examination of the young horse
    • Andrological examination
    • Gynaecological examination
    • Obstetrical examination
    • Insemination protocol
    • Neonate examination
    • Preoperative examination
    • Exercise physiology examination
    • Dermatological examination
    • Oncologic examination
    • Anaesthesia protocol
    • Clinical full-day examination

  • Additional examination forms:
    • Radiological examination
    • Ultrasound examination
    • Ultrasound tendon examination
    • Endoscopic examination
    • CT examination
    • MRI examination
    • Electrocardiographic examination
    • Electrocardiogram
    • Cytological examination
    • Coprological examination
    • Urinalysis

Drug documentation

  • Record and document drugs in accordance with the law
  • Examination forms for livestock treatment and health
  • Automatic management of narcotics and vaccines
  • Printouts of receipts, prescriptions, printed forms and labels
  • Documentation optimisation with a barcode scanner (barcode and 2D)
  • Web-based communication of information on the use of drugs to governmental organisations and quality management systems using


  • Efficient task and control system
  • Regular, fully automatic display of tasks in progress
  • Personal tasks with protected and private tasks
  • Categorisation of tasks and colour-coding
  • Automatic display of tasks to be completed in all dashboards
  • Task sequences for regularly recurring tasks
  • Automatic tasks for incoming examination results
  • Tasks for all employees, groups or individual employees
  • Flexible definition of standard tasks and task packages


  • Efficient customer relationship management (CRM) tools
  • Documentation system for non-treatment-related data
  • Record-keeping of the text content of all e-mails and text messages
  • Automatic logging function for important procedures such as phone calls
  • Traceability of all activities with customers, colleagues and companies
  • Categorisation of journal entries and colour-coding
  • Automatic display of important journal entries in all dashboards
  • Notebook for personal information


  • Extensive range of internal and external communication functions
  • Direct access (IntelliView) to all communication options, such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses, wherever clients, colleagues, addresses, suppliers, employees and linked addresses – such as vets, referring colleagues and insurance companies – are displayed
  • Record-keeping and storage of all communication details in the journal
  • Dialling function and caller ID thanks to integrated TAPI/CTI interface
  • Integrated fax transmission and reception with journal function
  • Internal message system for employees and between workplaces
  • Text messaging (SMS) to internal and external telephones
  • Interfaces to existing e-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Appointment scheduling with confirmation and reminder by text message
  • Integrated, web-based communication using and

Stock control

  • Complex inventory management for central, branch, room and mobile storage
  • Master data including manufacturers, suppliers and purchasing terms and conditions
  • Definition of minimum stocks and standard order quantity for each store
  • Detailed definition of dosage and documentation guidelines
  • Wide range of individual sale price calculation options
  • Perfect overview of internal and external stock movements
  • Management of robotic systems for inventory management and product output
  • Fully automated, consumption-oriented order suggestions
  • Simple delivery recording with barcode scanners (barcode and 2D)
  • Quick links to all essential functions for products and suppliers
  • Product dashboard with easy-to-understand diagrams for orders, deliveries, stock movements, warehouse stocks, drug documentation, consumption, revenue and profit calculations
  • Supplier dashboard for corresponding products, contact persons, ordering information, easy-to-understand diagrams for orders, deliveries, stock movements, revenue and profit calculations
  • Web-based ordering and electronic delivery notes using
  • Automatic product and price updates using

Word processing

  • Word processing with modern writing, layout and creative functions
  • Extremely simple process for creating letterheads, templates and text blocks with the practice’s logo
  • Write letters, certificates and referrals directly in treatment records
  • Personal documents with own folders, texts and access rights
  • Integrated veterinary spellchecker and dictionary
  • Automatic PDF file generation without additional programs
  • Function fields and placeholders for inserting any data
  • Personal signature and barcodes can be integrated
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word


  • Print and pay invoices directly in the card index box
  • Save all invoices and reminders in accordance with the law (GoBD in Germany, Kassenrichtlinie 2012 E131 in Austria)
  • Invoicing by client, animal and treatment or for all clients, client groups, animal groups or species, or for any time periods
  • Alternative invoice recipient for clients and animals
  • Accounting separation of up to three different companies
  • Wide range of discount and cash discount functions, plus individual invoice charges
  • Integrated invoicing management for animal health insurance policies
  • Wide range of payment options, including SEPA direct debit and PayPal
  • Outstanding items management, financial status and reminder process
  • Factoring and credit checks using and BFS health finance
  • Electronic billing and reminder process using

Insurance management

  • Wide range of functions for working with animal health insurance providers
  • Saves insurance information along with all relevant details in the animal’s file
  • Displays insurance status with a clear symbol in the card index box
  • Direct selection of out-of-pocket expenses during the invoicing process
  • Easy generation of insurance claims from existing invoices
  • Easy compilation of any attachments from the treatment history
  • Web-based communication of claims to insurance providers (VetEnvoy)

Animal health plans

  • Extensive functions for animal health and treatment plans
  • Define any plan with name, duration and invoicing interval
  • Wide range of options for defining scope of services to be provided: discount for services and products in general, discounts for specific service and product groups, discounts for individual services and products, and the number of free products and services
  • Displays all discounts directly upon entry in the treatment card
  • Active monitoring of the agreed scope of services during the duration of the plan
  • Automatic consideration of plans during normal invoicing
  • Ideal for regular preventive veterinary care and caring for stocks


  • Integrated finance management functions for incoming payments, invoices, reminders and treatment revenues with filter and easy-to-understand diagrams
  • Filters and statistics for extensive evaluations and analyses
  • Simple cash register system for manual income and expenditures
  • Automatic booking of electronic bank statements
  • Export bookings, invoices and incoming payments to external accounting programs (DATEV, Exact and sage) and tax offices


  • Efficient filter and statistic functions
  • Evaluate any data in a flexible, wide range of forms
  • Extensive collection of predefined filters and statistics
  • Flexibly define your own filters and statistics
  • All essential key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance
  • Evaluations and comparative analyses of examinations, results and diagnoses directly in the treatment card and treatment history
  • Export all evaluations in standardised formats

Staff administration

  • Define employee groups and group settings
  • Master data with personal data, contact information, address, title, department, signature, and easyVET and access data (vetsXL ID)
  • Individual settings for card indices, dashboards, tables, access rights, dialogues and application functions

System organisation

  • Manage companies and branches
  • Tax rates and currencies
  • Program settings
  • Notebook management
  • Addresses and suppliers
  • Service and product index
  • Standard treatments
  • Species and breeds
  • Accounts and bookings
  • Abridged reports and diagnoses
  • Postcodes/ZIP codes, towns/cities and streets
  • Employees
  • Text blocks
  • Self-learning lists

VCS VetZ cloud services

  • Lease easyVET and use it anywhere
  • Scalable for small practices and large clinics as required
  • Can be enhanced at any time to increase processor performance, RAM and hard disk space
  • Access from anywhere with any end device using easyVET RemoteApp
  • RAID6 mass storage cluster with automatic data backup

    • Perfect integration of all web applications
    • Laboratory request management (IDEXX VetConnect PLUS, Laboklin,, VetEnvoy) with fully automated result integration (all leading laboratories)
    • Real-time factoring and credit checks (BFS health finance)
    • Send images, videos and sequences to colleagues and animal owners
    • Integrated communication functions (e-mail and text messaging service)
    • Task management with fully automatic findings integration for teleradiology (VetCT)
    • Livestock quality management and antibiotic monitoring (HI-Tier, IKB organisations, VetProof)
    • Animal registration (AMICUS, animaldata, ANIS, I-CAD, Deutsches Haustierregister, I-CAD, VetEnvoy)
    • Animal cremation (Incinéris)
    • Order management for suppliers and wholesalers
    • Referral management for referrals and return referrals
    • Invoicing management for animal health insurance policies (VetEnvoy)
    • Fill out and edit standardised examination forms from organisations for recording genetically influenced skeletal, eye and cardiovascular diseases (AKVO, DOK, ECVO and SAVO for eye examinations; CC for cardiovascular examinations; GRSK, Lectures officielles DH/DC and FSA for skeletal examinations)
    • Activate, license and use VisioCare Consult TM
    • Central management tool for affiliated practices and clinics
    • easyVET updates and knowledge base


    • easyVET Standard
      with image processing functions for all common image, camera and video formats (DICOM not supported).

    • easyVET Professional
      with integrated picture archiving and communication system (PACS) for DICOM single-image formats and standard-definition (SD) video recording. Features powerful image viewing and diagnostic functions for digital X-ray and ultrasound images.

    • easyVET Enterprise
      with integrated high-performance picture archiving and communication system (PACS) for all common image, video, sequence and DICOM formats, featuring standard-definition and digital high-definition (HD) video recording and streaming. Includes powerful image viewing and diagnostic functions for all image, video and sequence formats and 64-bit image processing for CT and MRI image sequences.


    • Main workstation:
      Windows 10, Intel Core i5 processor
      8 GB RAM for 64-Bit operating systems
      1 Gbit/s Network speed
      SSD hard disk for standard databases
      HDD hard disk for image databases
    • Workstations, notebooks and tablets:
      Windows 10, Intel Core i5 processor
      8 GB RAM for 64-Bit operating systems
      1 Gbit/s Network speed
    • SD-Video-workstations:
      Windows 10, Intel Core i5 processor
      8 GB RAM for 64-Bit operating systems
      1 Gbit/s Network speed
    • HD-Video-workstations:
      Windows 10, Intel Core i7 processor
      8 GB RAM for 64-Bit operating systems
      1 Gbit/s Network speed
    • 3D workstations:
      Windows 10, Intel Core i7 processor
      At least 16 GB RAM for 64-Bit operating systems
      1 Gbit/s Network speed
      SSD hard disk
    • Dedicated server:
      Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2020
      At least Intel Xeon E5 (6 core/12 threads) processor
      At least 32 GB RAM
      1 Gbit/s Network speed
      SSD hard disk for standard databases
      HDD hard disk for image databases
    • Screen resolution:
      At least 1,920 x 1,080 pixels; recommended: 1,920 x 1,200 pixels
      Aspect ratio: 15:10 or 16:10 (width:height)

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    An Internet connection is required for the use of some of the functions.
    Some functions may be subject to additional charges

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