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Prevent illness and stay healthy with easyVET

The new functions for animal health plans

Small animals, horses and livestock alike all need regular veterinary care to stay fit and successfully prevent diseases. Thanks to the clever new functions for animal health and treatment plans, it is now easy to arrange regular healthcare and preventive measures with your clients and manage them in easyVET. How about a premium prevention plan for dog owners, a vaccination and worming plan for horse owners, or a stock care plan for farmers? All it takes is a few steps to define your individual plans and benefit from more regular income, more reliable capacity planning for your team and stronger customer loyalty. Getting easyVET pays off!

A brief overview of animal health plans

Animal health plans are predefined service packages in which vets provide their clients certain services and products that their practices offer at an attractive discount. The discounted prices are agreed in a long-term contract, along with regular visits, and the corresponding fees are invoiced on a monthly basis. The advantages are clear: regular and more secure income, a larger number of client visits with additional income thanks to feed and accessories, stronger client loyalty for your veterinary practice, easier team capacity planning, significantly fewer appointment cancellations and more satisfied clients overall – because someone cares about the health of their animals and helps keep them healthy through regular prevention.

Examples and advantages

Define a premium prevention package for dogs, for example, that give dog owners a 10% discount off the price of individual examinations and visits by requiring them to come to your practice for all services – not the practice next door. The package includes two claw trimmings, tick and flea prevention, worming, a full check up and blood count, and annual shots. Owners will also get a 5% discount for their loyalty whenever they buy dog food during their visits or on You can also define a standard package for horse owners with a tetanus shot every two years, four wormings and a flu shot twice a year – or a stock care package for farmers with a weekly stock visit, a stall climate check and travel expenses.

Advantages for vets

Regular income thanks to monthly invoicing
Strong customer loyalty thanks to long-term agreements
Simply create and manage any animal health plans

Advantages for animal owners

More calculable health and prevention measures
Improved animal health thanks to regular vet visits
Individual health packages with attractive price advantages

Invoicing – always easy

easyVET lets you manage your animal health plans yourself, without any outside help. Decide for yourself what kind of animal health plans you want to offer and create the service packages to match directly in easyVET. easyVET shows you the animal health symbol in the card index as soon as you have added an animal health plan for an animal or stock. Now your animal health plan works virtually on its own. During treatment, easyVET automatically factors in the agreed discounts and makes sure that the agreed scope is used optimally but not exceeded. Monthly fees are automatically invoiced and paid directly by the client or booked directly using your preferred payment service provider. 

The new animal health plan functions in easyVET – regular income, more vet visits and perfect customer relationship management.